How can I obtain a quote?

Quoting is simple! You can obtain a quote online through this website, you can call the office at (484)879-4375, or you can even email Chris directly at

Why should I buy insurance from Central Penn Insurance?

Central Penn Insurance is not your run of the mill insurance agency. Imagine them as your insurance shoppers. Instead of having to get quotes from 3 or 4 companies on your own, Central Penn can do this for you. As brokers, they represent many companies and in the end that directly benefits you and your wallet.

Where does Central Penn Insurance write insurance?

Central Penn Insurance writes insurance all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including the coastal areas of New Jersey where many companies are no longer writing.

My homeowners insurance is paid through my mortgage. Can I still obtain a new quote?

The people who waste the most money on homeowners insurance are the ones who pay it through their mortgage. These policies tend to have the “set it and forget it” mentality. Central Penn will work with your mortgage company to switch your homeowners insurance to a new policy. Remember:  If you are able to find a lower cost insurance policy you may be able to lower your monthly mortgage payments.

I’ve never heard of some of the companies you represent, why is that?

 Many of the companies I represent do not spend millions of dollars on television commercials so there’s a chance you may not have heard of them before. However, who do you think winds up paying for the big insurance companies million dollar ad campaigns? The policy holders! At Central Penn we only represent insurance companies that are “A” Rated and offer you great coverage at a fair price.

Can’t I just buy insurance online?

Sure, insurance can be bought from the internet, but why would you want to? With a Central Penn broker you gain access to a real person with real knowledge and experience in the industry. The average person has no idea what they are even buying when the purchase insurance online. Remember, your computer is not a licensed agent, we are!

“But I’ve been with my current company for years…”

Loyalty is something we can definitely appreciate. However, insurance is a product that needs to be monitored and re-evaluated on a yearly basis. If your current agent hasn’t contacted you lately then there’s a big problem. Insurance products are constantly changing to keep up with our lifestyles. For example: Many homeowners policies will now give you identity theft protection in case your identity is stolen. Your old policy from 5+ years ago probably doesn’t cover this. Every client of Central Penn Insurance receives free yearly insurance audits to modify their policy to their changing lifestyle.