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For most individuals, their homes will be the most important purchase they ever make. We carefully take time to create a custom homeowner’s policy that eliminates coverage’s people don’t need and highlight coverage’s they do need. A well-rounded policy will protect your home, any other structures on the property, and your belongings. It will also provide you with legal protection in case you are sued, and a temporary home to live in if your current home becomes unable to be lived in due to a covered claim.


For some, getting behind the wheel is just part of the daily grind. For others, it can be a more daunting experience. Regardless of which defines you, one thing about driving remains constant – you need insurance. Most policies will offer you coverage for damage you cause to other people or vehicles in an accident as well as damage to your own vehicle. Policies can also offer upgrades to pay for a rental car, pay for towing, and even offer you a lower rate based on safe driving habits.


Whether you are flipping burgers or manufacturing the next lifesaving drug, businesses need the protection of a well-designed commercial insurance policy. In addition to legal and financial protection, commercial insurance policies can also protect your company’s belongings and even reimburse you for lost revenue if you are forced to close. Policies are largely based on the specific needs of each company and industry. We work hard to make sure your policy will be competitively priced while also offering the coverage your company needs.


Purchasing a life insurance policy can be one of the smartest things you can do, period! Not only does it offer your surviving family members cash upon your death, but certain policies can become a savings vehicle for you to have a non-stock market driven investment that you can use later in life even if you remain alive. At Central Penn Insurance Agency, we proudly can compare over 30 companies for life insurance policies to make sure you are getting a great price and a great policy. 

Some Highlights of Our Life Insurance Program Are:

  1. Options for nicotine users
  2. Options for marijuana users
  3. No medical exam for qualifying applicants
  4. Options for individuals with depression
  5. Options for individuals post cancer
  6. Options for individuals post heart attack


Believe it or not, condo insurance is one of the trickiest policies for agents and brokers to write. The condo association has a “master policy” on the entire building and your policy needs to insure your particular unit while also considering some of the master policy’s shortcomings. In the insurance industry condo policies are commonly referred to as “walls in” coverage, but this needs to be taken with a grain of salt because many modern-day master policies are limiting their coverage in order to lower costs. A well-designed policy will cover the interior rebuild of your unit, your personal belongings, and provide you with protection in the event you are sued. Some upgrades to consider are loss assessment coverage, water back-up coverage, and better coverage on your belongings known as “special personal property” coverage.


Just because you don’t own your home does not mean there’s no reason to insure it. Consider the protection for all of your belongings as well as the legal and financial protection you can get from a well written renters’ policy. Have a vehicle too? Most renter’s policies can be bundled with an auto policy so you can have an even greater level of savings.


Flood insurance is not included in your homeowner’s policy, period! In order to be protected from floods individuals and businesses need to purchase a separate flood policy. In the past all policies were written through FEMA (a government agency). However, these policies can be very expensive and, in some cases, made owning a home in a flood zone a deal breaker. Recently, other insurance companies started writing flood insurance policies that compete with FEMA. These policies provide the same coverage for a fraction of the cost. So, whether you need a FEMA flood policy or if you qualify for a non-FEMA flood policy, we will work with you (and your bank!) to make sure the property is protected from flood.


Owning a property, residential or commercial, and renting it out is a great investment! Whether you own a 50-unit apartment complex, a shopping center, or a single condo unit, being a landlord has certain insurance needs that have to be addressed when purchasing a policy. A well-designed policy will cover you for damage your tenants may cause, damage from weather related events, damage from fire, and also offer you lost rent money if the property becomes unable to be rented due to a covered reason. Moreover, a landlord policy will offer you the protection you need in case you are sued.

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