1.       Buy insurance from a licensed professional rather than over the internet. A professional will make sure you get the best value without leaving gaps in coverage.

2.       Buy life insurance when you are young! If you have children, consider buying life insurance for them and transferring ownership of the policy to them when they can afford the premiums. They will thank you for this down the road.

3.       Protect your income with long term disability coverage. Your bills won’t pay themselves if you can no longer earn an income.

4.       Buy an umbrella policy to protect against gaps in coverage. They are typically very affordable and can be very useful if a liability arises.

5.        If you own a condominium or townhouse you better know what “deductible assessment coverage” is. We’ll be glad to explain it to you and make sure you have it.

6.       Insurance companies love higher deductibles. If you can afford to increase your deductible you may be surprised at just how much your premium can decrease.

7.       Bundle, Bundle, Bundle. Keeping your multiple policies with one company can save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime not to mention having less bills to pay.

8.       Have a camera? Use it. Maintaining up to date photos of your home and its belongings can be the proof you need should a claim arise.

9.       Plan yearly meetings with your licensed insurance professional to ensure your insurance policies keep up with changes in your life.

10.   When choosing a licensed professional to buy insurance from, understand the benefits of using a broker rather than an agent. Agents work for an insurance company and usually can only offer you one price. Brokers work for you and have the ability to get you multiple quotes from multiple companies. Central Penn Insurance Agency proudly employs brokers.