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  1. Consider a higher deductible. It means more out of pocket expenses at the time of a claim, but it can substantially lower your premiums.
  2. Make sure you let your agent know if you have an alarm system. Insurance companies deem these homes as better risks and will often apply a discount to the policy.
  3. Upgrade your old roof. Your old, stained roof needs to be replaced anyway, right? Making this upgrade could shed a sizeable chunk of money off your premium.
  4. Avoid known to be aggressive dog breeds. Having a high risk pet will make your home a big risk for the insurance company, and you can bet you will be paying for it in your premium.
  5. Combine your home and auto into a package policy. Keeping it all with one company makes you eligible for that company’s multi-policy discount.
  6. Have your agent review your current level of coverage and evaluate if there are any unnecessary coverages. One possible example would be a homeowner that carries 10% of “other structures” coverage but doesn’t have any other structures. One company Central Penn Insurance represents will write a homeowners policy with 2% other structures, a perfect match for homeowners without a need for this coverage.
  7. Monitor your credit score. One of the largest indicators of a person’s insurance premium is their credit score. Pay your bills on time, stay out of debt, and watch your premiums decrease!
  8. Go paperless! Many companies now offer an e-policy. Your coverage is still the same, however your policy and bills are sent to you electronically. The company saves money on paper and postage… and you save on your premium!

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