These past few days have reminded us all of something important….the cold weather is here. With this in mind, here are some important tips to consider to keep your family and home safe during the cold months.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  1. Seal any openings: In addition to keeping the home insulated, sealing any openings prevents small animals from entering the home. With temperatures near or below freezing, small animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons will certainly looking for a warm place to sleep. However, once these animals enter the home they can chew on wires, ductwork, insulation, etc. Although the actual damage may be minor, it could still set off a chain event. For example, if a mouse chews on HVAC wiring it could cause the heat to malfunction, a pipe to freeze and burst, and then amount to thousands of dollars in a water loss. Moreover, after you and your insurance company clean the mess up you could experience a surcharge in your premium for years to come
  1. Have your HVAC equipment regularly serviced: Simple upkeep on your HVAC equipment (changing filters, replacing belts, etc.) can truly prolong the life of these systems which, in turn, will keep your house warm and safe from damage in addition to keeping your systems running as efficiently as possible.
  1. Have Plenty of Icemelt on Hand: Make it a point to buy plenty of icemelt BEFORE you actually need it. Typically, when a storm is coming the hardware stores quickly sell out of ice melt before all other products. Buying plenty ahead of time ensures you can keep your property ice free and avoid any liability issues that may arise from a visitor slipping and falling on ice.
  1. Keep Your House Well Lit: In addition to colder temperatures, the winter months also mean shorter days. Keeping your house well lit serves many important functions such as: keeping away intruders, deterring nocturnal creatures such as mice from coming close to the home, and making it easy for emergency services (ie Police, Fire) to locate the home in the event of an emergency. Even better, your local hardware store will have plenty of CFL or LED bulbs which can light the home for just pennies.
  1. Clean Your Gutters: Although obvious, this is super important for homeowners to remember. An obstructed gutter could cause water to build up and eventually drip inside the home. Keeping them free of leaves and debris is a sure way to avoid this.
  1. Fireplace Safety: Everyone enjoys a warm fire during the winter. Make sure all members of your household are versed in how to use the flue. Failing to open the flue before starting a fire will cause smoke damage to your belongings, as well as present a carbon monoxide risk to your family.

Keeping these tips in mind Central Penn Insurance wishes you a safe winter season and as always for quotes/questions just click or call: (844)MrQuote