In the extremely price sensitive market we live in, people will tend to over shop everything searching for the best deal possible. Auto insurance is probably the most shopped policy there is. People view it more as a commodity today than they ever have. But, switching to a less expensive carrier year after year may not be the best thing for you in the long run. You see, when you persistently shop companies and switch back and forth insurance companies take note of this. They know that you are likely going to be a short term client so they will offer you a much less attractive premium versus someone who has shown loyalty in the past. In fact, on the agents portal of many of my auto insurance companies, one of the underwriting questions is “how long has the client been with their previous company?” When the answer is five years or more the rate that the system generates for this individual is enormously less than the rate given to a frequent shopper. So, before you make a big stink over a minor rate increase keep in mind that continuing to switch companies to find the cheapest rate available is actually preventing you from getting that rate you are so eager to find.

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