With the Spring upon us, it seems like every weekend brings another set of ringing wedding bells. It makes my eyes water just thinking about it…the Father walks his princess down the aisle, soon everyone is dancing and having a good time. But out of the corner of your eye you see aunt Edna (who’s already two sheets to the wind) falling head first on the dance floor. Of course aunt Edna never really cared for the family in the first place, and it’s only a matter of days until she hooks up with the most prominent ambulance chaser in the area. THEN WHAT?

If you purchased a special event insurance policy you will be covered. One of the companies I recently became appointed with even includes alcohol liability coverage at no additional charge. Most policies are rated on (2) key elements, the number of attendees and the number of days the event will last. Since wedding’s are only a 1-day event, the key element factoring into how much your policy will cost will be how many people are coming to the event. Even if the wedding has 500 expected attendees, you would be surprised at just how affordable these policies are.

So, I raise my glass to the future brides and grooms of 2015 and urge you to purchase a wedding insurance policy…especially if aunt Edna will be there.