Can I Lower Your Mortgage Payments? In Many Cases, Yes.

Each year, millions of Americans elect to pay the cost of their homeowners insurance as part of their monthly mortgage payment, commonly referred to as “escrow”. In this process, your homeowners insurance company will actually bill your lender, and the lender will pay the yearly premium on your behalf using the funds that were “escrowed” throughout the year.

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Why Do I Need That Much Homeowners Insurance?

One of the most difficult parts of being an insurance agent is sometimes explaining to people the difference between replacement cost and market value. All too often people only want to insure their homes for what they paid for them. However, homeowners policies need to insure homes for 100% of their replacement cost

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Switching Insurance Companies vs. Switching Agents

On any given night how many commercials do you see where an insurance company is telling you all about saving money when you switch? Last night I counted (8) in a 1-hour span of watching TV. Some of those companies I even represent here at the agency.

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Central Penn Insurance’s Pizza Shop Program

For all you pizza shop owners out there, allow me to introduce Central Penn’s newest specialty product, our Pizza Shop program. The Central Penn Insurance Pizza Shop Program has been developed specifically for insuring local pizza shops at the most competitive prices in the state.

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10 Tips for Buying any type of Insurance

No matter what type of insurance you are in the market to purchase, there are always ways to be efficient and smart when making your final decision. Christopher Mazza talks about ten often overlooked angles to get you on the right track.

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